Evaluation of Immunomodulatory activity of the flavanoid from Kigelia africana

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P. K.M. Nagarathna
K. Reena
Sriram Reddy
Johnson Wesley


Modulation of the immune responses to alleviate the diseases has been of interest for many years. Thus a real need exists to protect our immune systems and lead healthier lives. Hence the present study is aimed to evaluate the immunomodulatory activity of Flavanoid of Kigelia africana. The effect of flavanoid of Kigelia africana on the immune system of rats and mice was evaluated by using different experimental models such asmice lethality test, Serum immunoglobulin level, Haemagglutination reaction, hypersensitivity reaction, and delayed type hypersensitivity reaction test. Flavanoid of Kigelia africana was administered orally at low dose and high dose of 100mg/kg/day, poand 200 mg/kg/day, po respectively and Levamisole (2.5 mg/kg/day, po) was used as standard drug. Flavanoid of Kigelia africanain both doses increased the levels of serum immunoglobulin and prevented the mortality induced by bovine Pasteurella multocida in mice. Exhibits a dose related increase in the early hypersensitivity reaction and Delayed type hypersensitivity reaction to the SRBC antigen. It also resulted in a significant increase in the antibody titer value, to SRBC, in experimental animals. Hence, it was concluded that flavanoid of Kigelia africana increases both humoral immunity and cell mediated immunity.

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Nagarathna P, Reena K, Reddy S, Wesley J. Evaluation of Immunomodulatory activity of the flavanoid from Kigelia africana. IJPBR [Internet]. 30Jun.2014 [cited 21Feb.2024];2(02):41-8. Available from: http://www.ijpbr.in/index.php/IJPBR/article/view/788
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