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Veerapandian Durga
Vaishnavi Devi C


Background: Venous thromboembolism(VTE) is one of the most well-known and feared sequelae of orthopaedic surgery. VTE is relatively common after arthroplasty, prophylaxis has been prescribed. The frequency of postoperative thromboembolic events increased in the absence of primary prevention. Following operations, immobilisation of a lower limb that restricts calf muscle contraction has been shown to be a key risk factor for VTE. VTE is the most frequent source of readmission in orthopaedic patients who have undergone major procedures. It should be emphasized that the best mechanical method for preventing VTE is early walking. Medication for VTE prophylaxis is prescribed more often than mechanical prophylaxis. After major orthopaedic surgery, anticoagulant treatment is essential for reducing morbidity and death. Following hospital discharge, prophylactic drug therapy aims to reduce the morbidity and mortality episodes associated with DVT and PE occurrences. Aspirin use for prevention of VTE following THA and TKA has gained popularity, especially among orthopaedic surgeons due to a minimal risk of postoperative haemorrhage, it also reduces the incidence of recurrent DVTs. Conclusion: Due to its low cost and easy administration without the requirement for regular blood testing, aspirin thromboprophylaxis following knee surgery appears promising. Aspirin saved more QALYs and was cost-effective. Aspirin was demonstrated to have a higher VTE prophylaxis profile than other medications with a time-related association to early mobilisation, healthier patients and medication compliance.

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Durga V, C VD. A SOLE THROMBOPROPHYLACTIC IN PRESCRIPTION OF POSTOPERATIVE ORTHOPEDIC PATIENTS – A REVIEW. IJPBR [Internet]. 4Apr.2023 [cited 21Feb.2024];11(01). Available from: http://www.ijpbr.in/index.php/IJPBR/article/view/1033
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