The Use of Escherichia Coli for Recombinant Human Insulin Production

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Neelabh Datta


Insulin is the essential hormone produced by the pancreas. which is accountable for sanctioning glucose we acquire from our food sources to be deposited in our body cells. Without insulin, our bodies cannot control blood sugar levels, so insulin is a vital hormone for survival. A diabetic person either does not produce insulin or is resilient to it for a multiple reasons. Because of this, they need insulin injections to process glucose. It has become stress-free for patients around the world to acquire insulin with the production of recombinant human insulin produced by Escherichia coli. This short review will provide an overview of the steps engaged in constructing recombinant human insulin utilizing the K12 strain of E coli along with the prominence of recombinant insulin and why E coli is most commonly used for insulin production.

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